By the month’s end, Aqua Cooler will have relocated its entire manufacturing plant to the new factory in South-East Queensland. This process is a key step in the major transformation which is currently taking place at Aqua Cooler and has been since the company changed owners just over a year ago. This transformation is by no means a cosmetic makeover, but rather a complete, far-reaching and radical change to the way we do business. Aqua Cooler intends to remain a key player in the industrial process chiller industry in Australia. Many changes will take place over the coming months for Aqua Cooler. Critically, the recent addition of an extended range of contract-manufactured chillers is aimed to supplement our customer’s choices with a wider range of options and price-value propositions.

Aqua Cooler would like to proudly introduce their new look website. The enhanced design ensures a fluid user experience due to a friendly quotation system created to help customers find their best Aqua Cooler reseller.

Kane Wallmann, Marketing Manager of Aqua Cooler said "On our previous website it wasn't easy for our customers to get prices or find distributors for our products. Now using our new system, our customers can easily request a quote on any of our products and we'll find them the perfect distributor."

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Shailer Park, QLD - July 24, 2017: This week Aqua Cooler, Australia’s leading water cooler & chiller manufacturer, announces its plans to relocate its production facility and administration office to Queensland. Glenn Honey, the CEO of Aqua Cooler commented “we acquired the company just over a year ago and have now gained a strong understanding of the business and the markets it supports. With growth in mind and the need to improve the company’s competitiveness and overall market penetration we have decided to establish a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and marketing facility in Brisbane.

Aqua Cooler, Australia’s leading manufacturer of purpose-designed water chiller and commercial water coolers, has been acquired by Honey & Co Nominees Pty Ltd ATF Honey family Trust. This related entity also owns and controls Imaging Solutions, which is a market leading medical equipment and accessories supplier that specialises in medical imaging related products and services.