DRC In-Row Cooling
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DRC In-Row Cooling

Precision targeting to combat heat where your data centre needs it most.

If your goal is to minimise power usage whilst maximizing chilling capabilities, DRC in-row cooling is the perfect choice. This advanced cooler is designed to be installed typically between server racks, tailored to specific cooling needs. Due to the placement of the cooler, heat loads dissipate quickly proving to be a significantly more economical option rather than traditional room-oriented cooling architecture.

The data rack coolers are an advanced air conditioning system designed to feed cold air into a contained cold aisle. The fans on the DRC range vent cold air forward into the cold aisle and draw in heated air through the rear of the unit from a contained hot aisle. The heat is then removed using water as the heat transfer medium to a remotely installed chiller on the DRC range and refrigerant to a remote rejection device on a DRCX system.

Features -

  • Minimises hot spots for a remarkably lower cost.
  • Target specific cooling needs with clearly defined airflow paths.
  • Cold aisle air venting allows cold air to go where you want it.
  • The high-level microprocessor control, monitors and controls the cooling system to ensure that the unit is operating to balance the IT load exactly.
  • EC Fans are used for maximum efficiency.
  • DRC available in two different sizes – 20kW and 30kW.
  • Can be used in data centres with or without raised floors.
  • Universally adaptable to different rack manufacturers.
  • Operated fully independent of the data cabinets.
  • Hot works fan swap out.
  • Full BMS access for monitoring and control via all standard industry protocols – Bacnet, Modbus and SNMP.
  • Redundant power connection.
  • Automatic load adaptive fan speed control to match server loads.
  • 15°C chilled water supply for maximum chiller efficiency and increased scope for free cooling.
  • Chilled water supply control to prevent under temperature at extreme low loads.