CHP Units
CHP Units

CHP Units

Gladiator CHP Units by Aqua Cooler

An industry leading innovation providing a significant return on investment.

The CHP Unit is expertly engineered to run in environments where other chillers may falter. Especially in warmer climates the unit outshines the competition. It efficiently handles cooling loads and runs for extended periods with ease. The unit’s microprocessor furthers such efficiency by directing the flow of refrigerant to where it is most needed; supplying hot or cold water instantly.

The CHP Unit also surpasses other competing units in energy conservation proving to be a truly economical choice. Most of the heating is created for free by capturing waste heat, meaning that it is a perfect option for apartment blocks or hotels. Compared to standard chillers the installation is even more energy efficient when hot water is needed most. Overall, the CHP Unit provides a significant return on investment.


Aqua Cooler CHP units are designed with passion to be efficient and uniquely yours. This is proven through the included features and benefits such as:

  • Most of the heating is done for free through the utilisation of heat being made as a by-product of chilling.
  • Hot and cold water is available instantly.
  • Using software to control the system, the units are optimised to ensure that it complies with whatever the cooling or heating demands.
  • When the unit is running in cooling mode only, it will run as efficiently as a standard chiller and when it is in heating mode only, it will run as efficiently as a standard heat pump.
  • The unit can also, unlike chillers with heat recovery; it will produce hot water up to 60°C.
  • The cooling system is completely versatile and Aqua Cooler can produce the unit to suit any installation. Check our brochure for further details.

Aqua Cooler chillers are manufactured from the highest quality components supplied from the industry’s leading suppliers and designed to run efficiently with low maintenance.

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